The matador bar
The Matador, Northwest Portland Oregon's jewel of a bar
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Re-opened July 16th 2011 for regular business.
The Matador
This exquisite bar runs with the bulls 7 days a week 12 noon to 2:30 a.m

The moment you enter this classic West Burnside jewel, youíll recognize the rich tones and rhythmic mojo of a watering hole worthy of your time. Since its inception in 1971 it's been a welcome respite for colorful characters and quiet observers equally.

The black velvet bullfight scenes; cushy red leather booths; authentic bar; dim, smokey lighting all suggest important business deals or negotiations for contract killings could be going down at that moment.

Perhaps a book was born in the very booth youíre sitting in. Any given night could find a new true love blossoming in a dark corner. Now, throw in bottomless well cocktails, a variety of cold beers, a couple of quarter pool tables, and hot, perfectly salted comfort food and you will want to linger.

Then mix in a crew of Portlandís finest D.J.ís or a jukebox so eclectic it features worthy local bands in the lineup, and you may never leave.

Matador bar

The Story
The Matador bar has a storied and often times sordid history. Begining life as "The Freeway", due to West Burnside's past as the main thoroughfare between downtown and Beaverton, the bar has seen it's share of ups and downs. But by staying true to it's working class, neighbohood bar roots The Matador continues to remain a Portland landmark.

The proud proprietors of this historic Portland lounge, understand the necessity of a sanctuary in this busy world as well as the pleasure of a stiff drink and soulful song and fortunately they know enough to deliver them with huge doses of fun sprinkled with mystery.

The Matador Bar- 1967 W. Burnside St. Northwest Portland, Oregon 97209   Ph. 503.222.5822
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